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Patient Zero: LIVE Lab Game Jam

May 2020

Patient Zero was made during a two week period. I designed and developed the game completely on my own and ended up winning first place overall, alongside best in sound, design and programming. link

ChainOfCmd: TAGD Fall 2019 Game Jam

Fall 2019

ChainOfCmd was my third submission for the TAGD semester-wide Game Jam. The theme this semester was "Chain Reaction", so I decided to create a game that chains inputs from Twitch Chat together to control a single player. I designed all the art assets, music, and code for the game. I ended up placing right outside the top three in fourth place. link

Stage Hands: Chillenium 2019

October 2019

Stage Hands was the game my team and I created for our second annual Chillennium game jam (However this was the fifth overall Chillennium). You can play our game by visiting the page link below. I primarily worked on the sound and music for this game. link

The Goo Game: Ut Game Jam 2019

September 2019

This semester I decided to attend my first UT game jam were you get assigned a team and a team mentor. During this project, I worked on the sound design, music creation, and unity development. Our team ended up getting the "Best Designed Game" award. You can check out our game by visiting the page below. link

HexMap Project

Summer 2019

I used this online tutorial made by Catlike Coding to create a hex-based map creation tool. This tutorial centers around creating and rendering polygons inside of unity.

Github Repo

Perlin Noise Terrain Generation

Summer 2019

Working off an online tutorial made by Sebastian Lague, I created a terrain generator that uses perlin noise to render a 3D terrain mesh using various input values.

Github Repo

Ascension: Escape the Well

Spring 2019

'Ascension: Escape The Well' was created for TAGD's second semester-wide game jam. The theme for this semester was "Stuck Together". I was inspired by many of the games that I was playing at the time. These include: TowerFall for its fast-paced multiplayer gameplay and its simplistic combat system. SSB Melee for its technical movement and its fast-paced gameplay aswell. And Nidhogg for its minimalistic and dynamic artstyle. This game ended up winning first place. link

Card Game Project [Elemental]

Decenber 2018

This is a demo of a project in which I create a digital card game heavily inspired by Mega Crit's game: Slay the Spire. The game features four classes and a variety of cards.

Github Repo